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About Us

I had an interest in owning a motorcycle shop since I was a kid. Like many kids, we rode dirt bikes forever. In the mid sixties my dad thought about purchasing a Honda dealership when Honda first came to the USA. I was very excited at the prospect of owning a shop. However, I learned money can be a big obstacle, especially when you don’t have any. So we never got that shop.

Some thirty years later that interest in owning a motorcycle shop peaked again. I heard a local shop might be for sale. In April 1996 I sat down and wrote a “cold” letter to the owner of that shop. A few days later he called back and in fact was interested in selling. Negotiations began and I had to start thinking about the possibility of this thing actually happening.

I knew nothing about running a motorcycle shop but I was too naive to know better. I had a couple of brothers in Texas who were in the car business and knew the sales side of the equation, Mike and Steve Goff. I had a friend who was a trained diesel mechanic and had experience in the service area, Curtis Moore. I figured these guys might make a good team and cover all departments. It worked and all three came aboard. In addition, my father helped us out on the financial side and also became a partner in the beginning. We all threw some money into the pot for a down payment and three months later we had a shop!

On July 13, 1996 we were standing on the showroom floor of our "new" shop wondering "what do we do now"? It was a very frightening but exciting experience. Luckily many of the existing staff stayed and trained us in the motorcycle business. A couple of years later we changed locations when we bought the property at our current location in Meridian.

We have been very fortunate and have been in business now since 1996. We owe this success to our loyal customers and staff. We continue to grow our customer base and try to give each one of them the very best service we possibly can. I believe if you take care of your customer and your employees, the rest will come.

Barry Goff




Snake River Yamaha
2957 E. Fairview Ave. Meridian ID 83642
Phone: 208-888-6565Fax: 208-888-7470